Fall Football

I thought I would go ahead and post an article about the fall weather and what happens every year once this season comes around and delights us with the beginning of the football season! Not only does my favorite sport College Football begin, but Pro Football starts up as well and gets going in September. It is always exciting to know that the Georgia Bulldogs and other teams around the country are duking it out for a chance to play in their conference championship in November or December. This past weekend the college season began while we were out of town and the crisp fall air in the morning really showed the signs of fall arriving this year!

Back in college we would literally throw a part because college football was starting the following week or that week. So, there would be a pre party for the college season kickoff and the celebration would begin from there. The University of Georgia is my alma mater and that is where we would watch the games, tailgate before the games and it is just in everyone’s blood in Athens Georgia to root for the home team! Me and one of my buddys at gutter repair Smyrna would go to all the games and have a blast, lots of great memories. For college football, the tailgating starts in the morning of the football games. I can remember we would wake up and there would already be cars parked on the street in front of our place downtown. We lived on Finley street in Athens which was right on the edge of downtown Athens. So, visitors from out of town to watch the Dawgs play would be parking everywhere they could find a spot. We would meet our friends around the areas where people would gather and just hang out, have a frosty beverage or three and get ready and fired up Continue reading Fall Football

Football Injuries

Each sport has its own potential injuries to overcome, with football being no different. Here is a list of the most common types of football injuries faced by players, from ankle injuries to hamstring injuries.

Foot Injuries:

Foot injuries are probably one of the more publicized forms of football injuries to occur and typically involve the metatarsal. Injuries relating the metatarsal typically result from trauma, whether the impact is sustained by accident or as a result of a challenge. Biomechanical imbalances can also lead to metatarsal injuries.

Knee Injuries:

Knee injuries can range in their severity and the length of recovery time required, from just a few days to a few months and more. I know a guy at wedding photography Atlanta Ga  that had a major injury, but did recover nicely after surgery. The majority of knee injuries are as a result of ligament damage, with the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) being the main culprit. The ligaments are the tough bands of tissue connecting the bones within the joint and are responsible for stabilisation.

When considering football injuries the majority of knee injuries are self-limiting, with straight forward sprains taking a few days to heal following rest and using ice to manage any inflammation. These can occur as a result of a player turning and getting their leg Continue reading Football Injuries

American Football Overview

Welcome to our new blog about football! It is just getting started, so check back periodically for updates and new blog posts!

Football is America’s favorite sport and it is very aggressive and challenging. There is a lot of contact involved, so you do have to be in good physical condition to participate in the game. It can also be very dangerous, if played incorrectly. It is important to follow all the rules and regulations to ensure safety.

The game of football is a rewarding past time. For young boys who have played the game all their lives like my friend at gutter repair Atlanta and they wish to continue once they graduate college, it can be a very lucrative career. If a player performs well on the college level, then he will be eligible to enter the draft. Once an NFL team selects an individual to play on their team, they will have a chance of accomplishing things within the organization.

If choosing football as a career. one should obtain adequate knowledge about the sport in order to Continue reading American Football Overview